Saturday, April 10, 2010

Confederate History Month

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

President Obama said that Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell made "an unacceptable omission" when he declared April Confederate History Month without including mention of slavery.

McDonnell apologized for the omission and altered the proclamation to include slavery and acknowledge that it was the cause of the Civil War.
Some say Gov. Bob McDonnell's Confederate History Month proclamation and subsequent apology for leaving out mention of slavery puts him out of contention as a national candidate.

"It's a lasting scar mainly for its combination of stupidity, insensitivity and ignorance about the Civil War," one senior Republican strategist told Chris Cillizza of the Fix Blog.

"Sixty days and it's ancient history," said another.

Washington Post Poll tallies 35% in favor of Confederate History Month and 65% against.

Well, McDonnell almost got away with rewriting history. Now all he needs to do is change the school text books in Virginia like they did in Texas. Let’s influence those minds while they’re young.

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