Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recapture the Dream-Yes, We Can

President Barack Obama

Today, ultraconservatives are pushing the Republican Party perilously far to the right. President Obama is leading our country in a way that reflects our highest values and our deepest hopes - but the Republican right wing wants him to fail.

As the president works to restore our country's reputation and to mobilize support for solutions to the many problems that confront us -including the struggling world economy, the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, energy insecurity, and risks to the environmental health of our planet - partisan Republicans have offered nothing except criticism, obstructionism, negativism, and defeatism.

This leaves the rest of us with a choice. We can keep fighting to solve problems and to promote change, or we can surrender. I choose to fight, and I need you fighting beside me.
          Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright

Speak up for our President and then put your money where your mouth is just as the GOP and Tea Party supporters do.

Remember the struggle in getting here as you take a look at this inspirational video.

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