Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make Way for 2012

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Well, today's Election Day and everyone is waiting to see the outcome of America's vote.  The press says that the GOP will take the House of Representatives, but may lose their bid to take the Senate. Everyone has an opinion about the performance of Obama's administration and facts and truth don't necessarily come into play.  Personally, I'm glad the campaign ads and phone calls will cease.

I've watched politics very closely over the past few years and what I've seen makes me almost ill. It seems that most folks worry most about their own personal interest.  Politicans want to keep their seat.  Pundits want to sell their books and ensure contracts to appear on T.V. and sell a point of view. Media, both print and video, want to increase their following and care little for how they do it. None of these folks care about the truth.

Then there's the voters and non-voters, most of whom get their information from thirty second sound bytes. Most won't research an issue themselves because it's easier to listen to someone else tell you what to think, say, and do.  They like catchy phrases like "Man up" and "How's that working for you".  They don't require a concrete strategy or information on what you'll do if or when you are elected. All we need is a bland, nondescript "Promise to America" that says expect the same failed policy.

When the ads and phone calls go away, we can look forward to the greatest pissing match in history.  If you thought the "party of no" hampered progress during the past two years, just wait for the next two years leading to the 2012 Election. It's enough to frighten most thoughtful people.  If your agenda is making sure that Barack Obama is a one term president, you can be sure that the vote won't support the needs of the American people.  If your greatest worry is making sure that the rich have their tax cuts extended and add trillions to the deficit in doing so, how can the country even begin to get out of debt.

Never mind the successful leadership of Nancy Pelosi who's demonized without recognition of her achievements. Forget the brave leadership of Harry Reid and his success in getting major legislation finalized.  Do not mention  all the major policy changes implemented under the current administration of Barack Obama. Just return to the past and elect the George W. Bush clones who mouth support of small government, reducing the deficit, and returning the country to the pockets of the rich and powerful. Let's elect those bought and paid for by the wealthy so that the interest of the middle class will not matter.

It should be quite painful to watch the nation in gridlock, but it's our choice.
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