Friday, September 2, 2011

Stop Disrespecting Our President!

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If your memory needs refreshing, I'll let you read The Grio's chronicle of the historic disrespect of President Obama from political peers, media personalities and pundits. It's sickens me to know that we are back to the same hate-filled behavior that has stymied our country for centuries.  I watch, I listen, I see and I remember things that our country should not be proud of, even as they repeat themselves today. I don't believe those who say it's just partisan politics as usual, or just the kind of thing that goes with being an unpopular president.

I have just one vote and I know how I'll cast it.  Believe me it won't be for the likes of Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry.  I'll take my chances with our President, Barack Obama. Although nothing he ever does is satisfactory to some and even though he's saddled with a do-nothing Congress with just one agenda item, stopping his second term, I still believe in him.  I'm glad he was in the seat instead of John McCain and I applaud his cool head and willingness to work with the opposition. I'll live through the ugliness, just as he must, and I'll continue to work for his vision of change for America.

God Bless America.

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