Monday, May 14, 2012

Barack's Got My Vote: Why I Won't Vote Republican

The latest rage in the media circus is President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality.  The religious elements in this country are being used to ferment a backlash from the Black Community against the President. Of course, many say that Blacks will vote for President Obama no matter what he does or says. The implication is that we are too stupid to vote on issues, but rather, simply vote on race.

As a registered voter, I have three choices: vote to re-elect the president, vote for the Republican candidate, or do not vote at all. Let's get right to my reasons for how to cast my vote. After centuries of struggle for the right to vote and while Republicans are actively employing organized efforts to disenfranchise minorities, elderly person and young voters, not voting isn’t an option for me.

Discouraged about the direction the GOP wants to take the country in, I’m angry, disenchanted and disappointed in the policies and proposals Republicans offer.  With the Tea Party Republicans as a majority in a “do nothing” House of Representatives, a  weakened Democratic hold on the Senate and newly seated Republican Governors  and Legislators passing anti-union right to work laws, voter registration changes, and anti-reproductive choice legislation that I disagree with,  I want to know why anyone would ever think that I could vote Republican.

Republicans stand against everything I believe in: Medicare, Social Security, Obamacare, tax reform, The Buffet rule, pro-choice legislative compliance with Roe v. Wade, equal pay for women, legislative support against domestic violence, financial reform, abolishing tax breaks for oil companies, and a dozen other issues. I believe the Ryan Budget is shameful in its attack on the poor and needy as well as on the middle class while favoring the wealthy and limitless defense spending. The GOP proposals for immigration reform, such as the AZ “papers please” law, and the lack of support for the “Dream Act” shows me their hostility toward Latinos, as well as African Americans.

I’m still trying to understand why people vote against their own self interest. Moreover, I want to understand the “hate” that some visit on our sitting president. But beyond all this, Republican offer me nothing and I have no reason to support their agenda with my vote. I choose to stand with Barack Obama and the Democrats since they best reflect my values and wishes for the direction of the country. The President’s race has nothing to do with why I won’t vote Republican. GOP policies, programs and proposals make me stand against them.

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