Friday, June 15, 2012

What Happens Without Obamacare?

The country is holding its collective breath awaiting the decision from the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Many believe the "individual mandate" will be struck down, thereby precluding the government from requiring its citizens to purchase insurance. The question is "what happens without  Obamacare"?

For several years Republicans have vowed to fight for repeal of Obamacare lock, stock, and barrell. Republican presidential candidates like Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman promised to get rid of Obamacare on day one of their presidency, if elected. President Obama has fought for the Affordable Care Act to help provide health care for millions of uninsured Americans.

The battle on health care policy in America is a clear contrast between the two major political parties. Democrats try to address public problems with public policy programs like the Affordable Care Act, trying to do something positive for the country. Republicans don't care about solving any policy problems. They care about winning against President Obama and regaining the White House in the 2012 election. They pretend to care about an ideology that reduces the size and scope of government, embrace a market based economy and favor privatization and deregulation.

The current political chatter from Republicans calls for retaining some of the key elements of the health care act: retaining the provision to keep young people under 26 years old on parents' insurance; eliminating the Medicare prescription "donut hole" for seniors; and providing coverage for people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, cancer, emphysema, etc.

After opposing the individual mandate since the health care legislation was proposed and fighting a single payer system for health care coverage, what are the Republicans proposing?  The G.O.P. offers a crazy solution- tax free health care savings accounts and subsidized care for high risk citizens costing billion of dollars each year. Can any citizen "save" $25,000 for an operation or $100,000 for end-of-life- care? Certainly not. When have the Republicans spent billions of dollars on anything other than corporate tax cuts, tax cuts for the ultra rich, or defense spending that the Dept. of Defense doesn't want or need?

As we wait for the SCOTUS decision, think about who you want in the White House with or without the Affordable Care Act. Health care is not on the Republican political agenda. President Obama has invested his political future in trying to provide health care for the American public. It's a clear choice for me...I'll take Barack Obama.

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