Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Election 2012-Did Education Matter?

Election 2012 has finally been completed. The final tally of electoral votes marked 332 for President Barack Obama and 206 for Governor Mitt Romney.  The media is having a field day and analysts are examining the data in every possible way.  I stumbled upon some information from the U. S. Census Bureau-American Community Survey. It collected information on  the best and worst educated states measuring the per cent of residents over 25 with college degrees and matched the winner of the states' electoral votes.  Here's how the states voted:

Best Educated States: Voted for President Obama

Massachusetts (39.1)
Maryland (36.9)
Colorado (36.7)
Connecticut (36.2)
Vermont (35.4)
New Jersey (35.3)
Virginia (35.1)
New Hampshire (33.4)
New York (32.9)
Minnesota (32.4)

Worst Educated States: Voted for Gov. Mitt Romney (except Nevada)

West Virginia (18.5)
Mississippi (19.8)
Arkansas (20.3)
Kentucky (21.1)
Louisiana (21.1)
Alabama (22.3)
Nevada (22.5)
Indiana (23.0)
Tennessee (23.6)
Oklahoma (23.8)

Got any thoughts on this data?

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