Saturday, June 8, 2013

Susan Rice's Revenge

U. N Ambassador Susan E. Rice is set to become the next National Security Adviser. Senate Republicans won't be happy about this, but can't stop her appointment.

Thomas E. Donilon resigned the post this week and the resignation will be effective next month.

Rice had to withdraw her name from consideration as secretary of state late last year after Senate Republicans continually blasted her for her response in the aftermath of Benghazi. Her new post, however, does not require Senate confirmation, something John McCain who led the assault on Rice appears to be making his peace with. He tweeted that he disagreed with her appointment, but would make every effort to work with her on important issues.

Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican with designs on seeking his party's presidential nomination in 2016, was sharply more critical.
"I can’t imagine that we would be keeping Ambassador Rice in any significant position, much less promoting her to an important position," he said on Fox News.

Congratulations Susan Rice. You survived the lynching with honor and grace, living to use your talents and skills to serve our country as National Security Adviser.

President Obama nominated Samantha Power, a longtime foreign policy adviser, to take over Rice’s role at the United Nations.

"I support President Obama's nomination of Samantha Power to become the next U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations," McCain said in a separate statement. "I believe she is well-qualified for this important position and hope the Senate will move forward on her nomination as soon as possible."

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