Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BBQ on White House Lawn

Thought you might like to see what the president is doing that is not reported in the news.

Barack hosted a bbq on the south lawn of the White House for Juneteenth celebration young men from local schools to highlight the importance of fatherhood and mentorship to their families and their communities.....gotta love him!!!!!

Now tell me this President isn’t the people’s President. He doesn’t miss a beat. His critics say he a celebrity but he is real people. I'm happy that he so good at what he does and that he hasn’t let them get to him, no matter what is being said. You have to respect his strength and endurance, particularly in view of all the balls he's juggling. Remember he’s a Harvard graduate, so he is a smart cookie. Celebrating Juneteenth (the day the slaves were freed) on the White House lawn...I bet you that will never happen with another President.

I bet this the 1st time anybody ever q'd on the White House lawn!!!!! Don't you just love it. I c u Barack!

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