Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama the "Alien"

I'm getting really ticked off by the rising "birther" movement. While watching several news shows last night, lengthy sessions of the shows covered a town hall meeting held by Rep.Mike Castle, R-DE which was totally disrupted by a "birther". For those unfamiliar with the term "birther", the name is associated with those who foster the position that our president, Barack Hussein Obama, is not a natural citizen of the United States. Therefore his election is not "legal" since he would not meet the constitutional requirements for holding the presidency.

After denouncing President Obama's as an alien, the "birther" yelled and screamed that she was an American, that her father served in WW II, and that she wanted her country back. She then lead the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. (Although the Congressman who sponsored the meeting calmly stated that the president was a citizen, his remarks went virtually unheard.)

Some right wingers are attempting to make this a major issue in the Republican effort to discredit the president however and whenever they can. Last night on Larry King, Liz Cheney was asked whether she supported this really desperate and outrageous lie being fostered by the craziest of the crazies in the Republican Party and she flat out couldn't say she doesn't support it, or that it has been proven untrue by his documented birth certificate, verified by Hawaii, which King showed on the air.

Then there was California GOP Rep. John Campbell's appearance Tuesday on "Hardball." Campbell, who has co-sponsored a bill requiring future presidential candidates to produce their birth certificates, gets a beat-down from Chris Matthews: "What you're doing is appeasing the nutcases" Matthews tells him, and later, "You are feeding the wacko wing of your party."

An article in The Daily Beast reported Lou Dobbs support of the "Birthers".
CNN and radio host Lou Dobbs is taking the "birthers" mainstream, with his own signature, xenophobic touch: Dobbs wondered aloud on his radio show whether President Obama might be "undocumented"—a word Dobbs typically reserves for the illegal immigrants he rails against nightly. "I'm starting to think we have a document issue," Dobbs said. "You suppose he's un—no, I won't even use the word undocumented, it wouldn't be right." Dobbs agreed with a caller that Obama's presidency could be "illegal."

Dobbs is a CNN anchor and managing editor for Lou Dobbs Tonight. He is an editorial columnist and syndicated radio show host. Dobbs once described himself as a "lifelong Republican," but has stated that he has switched to being an unaffiliated independent populist, as he no longer openly supports any party.

Here is what I don't get. How is the Republican Party and it's spokespeople allowed to repeat and repeat, or wink at a outrageous lie on national media and not get shouted down? How is Lou Dobbs allowed to get away with this on CNN? Why doesn't the Daily Beast, instead of just reporting this lie, flat out state the facts that it is a lie and Dobbs is a lier?

Responding to the Daily Beast report on Lou Dobbs, "connie" tells us all we need to know:
Blog response from “Connie”
This conspiracy to make Obama president, in spite of his illegal alien status, is so deep that way back on August 13, 1961, the Honolulu Advertiser printed a birth announcement in their vital statistics section that reads:

"Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6035 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4."

So anybody with any sense can see that they either (a) instigated this conspiracy back in 1961, plotting even at that early date to put an African citizen in the White House in 2009, or (b) they switched babies, in which case the plot still originated in 1961.

And that's how far the birther loonies are williing to go in their argument. The article announcing Obama's birth in Hawaii is fact. His birth certificate has been authenticated by the State of Hawaii and that, too, is fact.

CNN's Rick Sanchez did a bit of public service announcement on Tuesday, reading President Obama's birth certificate on air for all the skeptics out there.

Responder "Angel81" adds the following thoughts:
Why should we assume that he wasn't born in Honolulu as his birth certificate says? Why should we demand to know every last detail about his birth just to verify that he's American, when we don't do the same of every other presidential candidate?

Oh, right. It's because his father was African and he has a funny name. Also, we don't like his politics, and since we can't thwart his agenda through legitimate, democratic means, we're going to try and do it through cowardly, backdoor means.

Obama has already told you guys, that he comes from Krypton and his father was Jo-el. He came here for, truth, justice and the American way. He can leap from tall buildings, he's more powerful then a locomotive ect, ect. What more do you nut bags want?

Did you know that there was controversy about the status of the 2008 Republican candidate for president, John McCain? McCain birth is well documented because his dad was a big military mucky muck. He was born in Panama. McCain technically is not a "natural born citizen." He was born 6 months BEFORE the law went into effect regarding Panama. Obama, in fact got his mentor from Harvard to present the case to Congress to get McCain approved to run for POTUS. There was an official act of Congress in March 2008 to waive the regulations and accept McCain as a legal "natural born" citizen.

Barack Hussein Obama is the POTUS. May he "live long and prosper" and lead this nation to security and prosperity. "Birthers" be damned!

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  1. Right on target. This issue "birther" should be dropped from any national coverage. There are many important matters to address as well as resovle, such as health care, economy and public safety in the urban cities.

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