Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good-bye Evan Bayh

U.S. Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana.Image via Wikipedia
As Senator, Evan Bayh sailed through his two terms representing Indiana without making waves. He, like his father before him, was a Democrat in a red state, but was re-elected both times he ran. He considered running for president in 2008, but decided against it.  When he decided not to run for another term in the Senate,  like many other politicans, he chose to go to work for the corporate interest he should have sponsored legislation to regulate.

Since his decision to leave the Senate, he suggested changes to senate rules that would control the partianship that adversely effect the body's performance. Since leaving politics, Bayh signed on as a partner at a law firm McGuire Woods.  Ezra Klein asks and answers a cogent question. "And who does McGuire Woods work for? “Principal clients served from our Washington office include national energy companies, foreign countries, international manufacturing companies, trade associations and local and national businesses,” reads the company’s Web site."

Bayh was appointed a senior adviser to private equity firm Apollo Global Management and in addition, will become a Fox News contributor. The related articles below provide some interesting comment on the subject of Bayh during and after his service to the U. S. Senate.
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