Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Claims Obama Lied About Mother's Health Coverage

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 The subject of an Obama campaign ad in 2008 is facing critical scrutiny in a new biography of Obama's mother, which reports Dunham actually did have health coverage for most of her bills when she died of cancer in 1995.

In "A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother," author Janny Scott writes that an employer-sponsored health insurance plan paid for all of Dunham's medical bills, except for her deductible and some "uncovered" medical expenses that added up to "several hundred dollars a month." According to Scott,

Dunham hoped to pay for those extra costs through disability coverage, but her insurer at the time, CIGNA, denied the claim, citing her pre-existing condition. Scott's reporting is based on copies of letters between Dunham and CIGNA that she obtained via friends of Obama's mother.

If you've ever dealt with serious illness and the quest for satisfactory medical care, you will support the President's campaign remarks.  How can you concentrate on getting well when medical bills threaten to overwhelm you? You are at the mercy of the insurance company and wonder what they will pay for, if they will pay, and when they will pay.  On a personal basis, my family has been beset with medical issues and struggle to meet the financial burdens that they bring. I get very angry when I see Congress fail to appreciate "Obamacare" and yet offer no alternative for a person with "preexisting conditions".  My family is faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills with no end in sight.

By now I know that authors will do whatever necessary to sell their book and make avenues for TV interviews.  The more outrageous the charge, the greater the profit.  When I read the reports on the book that charges the President with "lying" about his mother's financial situation in addressing her  medical bills, I call upon my day to day experiences dealing with the health care and insurance systems and understand that the authors are out to make money.  I side with the President's personal example of a patient handling health issues and the corresponding financial struggles. I've lived it!
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