Friday, July 29, 2011

Rep. Joe Walsh: Deadbeat Dad

The ex-wife of the attention-seeking freshman Joe Walsh (R-IL) has been suing him for the last nine years for $117,437 in child support for his three children.

Laura Walsh, who filed for divorce from the congressman in 2002, asked a judge in December to suspend Rep. Walsh’s driver’s license until he paid the amount. His ex-wife’s efforts to collect child support have dragged on for years. In 2004, Laura Walsh alleged in court documents that despite his inability to pay child support he had taken vacations with a girlfriend to Mexico and Italy.

In 2005 a judge ordered Walsh to pay child support within seven days or have his wages garnished.
According to the Sun-Times, Walsh had his driver’s license suspended twice for failure to appear in court in 2008 — he was busted in 2009 for driving on a suspended license.

Walsh’s lawyer R. Steven Polachek told the Sun-Times that the congressman has “had no more problems with child support than any other average guy.”

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