Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clinton's New Book-Messages to President Obama

President Obama and former President Bill Clinton laugh together at the Kennedy Center, Friday, Jan. 14, 2011.

The 42nd president offers his observations on the state of the country in his new book “Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy.”
In addition, Clinton shares his views on the pluses and minuses of Obama's presidency to date.
The short version follows:
  • Clinton criticises Obama for the debt ceiling crisis indicating Obama should have raises the debt ceiling during his first two years when the Democrats had control of Congress.
  • Clinton suggests that Obama's criticism of Wall Street has been too harsh and counterproductive.
  • Clinton cited the Democrats failure to devise an effective national campaign message during the midterm elections of 2010, resulting in gins by the GOP.
The Washington Post reported their review of an advance copy of the book:
Clinton mostly aligns himself with Obama on the big picture, arguing that the president did the right thing, or at least the best he could given the economy he inherited, with the stimulus package. He dismisses Republican notions, such as privatizing Medicare and Medicaid, and rebukes Republican tax cuts, contrasting the George W. Bush era with his own. “The antigovernment movement’s most cherished conviction is that we can’t raise taxes on the ‘job creators,’ ” Clinton writes. “We tried it their way for twenty of the last thirty years, and their strategy of using blanket tax cuts for high-income individuals didn’t work.”
The volume is dense with criticism of Republicans; it devotes substantial attention to what Clinton describes as the GOP’s relentless “antigovernment ideology,” identified as the cause of the anemic economy, high unemployment and American inability to compete on the world stage.
The relationship between Clinton and Obama is a source of interest to the American public in general and to political observers in particular. Most public signs pointing to a polite but distant friendship. Overall, Obama and Clinton share a common ideology in governing .
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