Saturday, December 24, 2011

Attack on The Grio

Stanley Crouch

In his December 19th op-ed in the New York Daily News, black conservative Stanley Crouch writes:
Black websites such as The Grio have become some of the most contaminated places on the Internet because they have licked the boots of disreputable people in every kind of career, seeming to believe that the hustling attitude is perfectly correct and nothing can ever be wrong about money.
Thus, minstrels like Lil Wayne came to be celebrated as heroes.

But those websites are beginning to ask questions of the sub-talented, the whorish, the profoundly ignorant and makers of toxic images.

Coming around is always on time.

In theGrio Editorial, David A. Wilson disagrees with Crouch, calls the attack unfair, and defends the Grio by reviewing theGrio's "performance" for the past year. You can check out the entire story at
I read theGrio frequently and disagree with Stanley Crouch.  As the Grio says:
If Mr. Crouch was truly honest with himself and his readers he would point out that it's not sites "such as" theGrio that celebrate the "sub-talented, the whorish, and the profoundly ignorant and makers of toxic images." There are several mainstream publications, outlets, and websites -- including Mr. Couch's own paper's gossip section -- that do a far better job covering and give far more ink to these individuals than we can or ever will.

But we all know it's easier for Mr. Crouch to go after a black-focused website like theGrio than to bite the hand that feeds him.
What do you think of Stanley Crouch's attack on theGrio? What do you think motivated him to trash this black website?

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