Friday, March 9, 2012

I Agree With Ann Romney-Cut Her Some Slack

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When I first heard about Ann Romney's recent remarks, I wondered what she could be thinking.  All the media pounced on was her statement "I don't even consider myself wealthy", which was just a portion of her remarks. I've learned from past media coverage not to buy a pig in a poke.  Ask President Obama, Shirley Sherrod, Sandra Fluke, and others about how taking a statment out of context creates a wrong impression and does not accurately reflect the individual's message. Unfortunately changing a message for political gain is a nasty trick that continues to grow because it often works and carries a small price tag..

Mrs. Romney said her struggle with multiple sclerosis has given her compassion for people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis, cancer or other diseases. “We can be poor in spirit, and I don’t even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing,” Mrs. Romney said. “It (wealth) can be here today and gone tomorrow.” She added: “How I measure riches is by the friends I have and the loved ones I have and the people that I care about in my life, and that’s where my values are and that’s where my riches are.” After reading the full statement, I agree with Ann Romney and I think she is being unfairly slammed.

People say they want to get to know politicans, actors, and other famous people better.  They read all the stuff that's written about them and form an opinion.  Unfortunately, so many times what is written is "flavored" to create a negative impression and diminish support for the person being covered.  It dosent seem to matter if the coverage contains blatant lies and untruths.  It doesn't even seem to matter if the errors are made public. Many folks skim the media and make decisions on one liners and catchy phrases.

It's a tough game out here and people have won and lost on quick impressions and blatant lies.  We deserve better, but we fail to call foul when distortions and inaccuracies are discovered. To say we're too busy to get the details before we condemn someone is not acceptable.  Do your homework, find out the truth, and spread the word. Don't repeat gossip and innuendo as fact. And last but not least, call a spade a spade, call a lie a lie, and don't accept "I misspoke" as acceptable cover for character assassination.
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