Friday, July 13, 2012

J. J. Walker Slams Obama

Kid Dynomite Jimmie  "J. J. Walker" is looking for Good Times, but says he hasn't found them with President Barack Obama.

Walker, the 70s sitcom star, sat down with Bill O’Reilly in an interview that mostly hit on Walker’s dissatisfaction with President Obama. Walker described Obama as someone who makes you feel good, but says the economy is still in bad shape and that it’s not enough for African-Americans to keep supporting him simply because they like him. Walker said the President can't do the job and admitted that he had never voted for Obama. He encouraged African-Americans to keep the focus on policy instead of any racial factors. He obviously thinks like many right wing supporters that African Americans only support Barack Obama because he's Black. I wondered if this discussion line mirrors the conversation when Walker's out on a date with Ann Coulter, right wing Queen of Mean.

I guess Walker reflects the sentiments of Mitt Romney's rich guest at his $30,000 per person fund-raiser last week in the Hamptons. News sources report them commenting that African Americans just don't understand the issues since they are less educated.

After bashing the President, Walker threw some poisoned arrows at nighttime host Jay Leno. Leno, according to Walker, isn't spotlighting enough new and upcoming talent on his show.  Seems that Walker feels Leno isn't living up to his "obligations".

When Jimmie "J. J." Walker is able to articulate a thoughtful, substantive position on why he doesn't support President Barack Obama, I'll be able to give his opinion some rational review.  Until then, keep on plugging that book "J.J." to whomever will listen.

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