Saturday, August 21, 2010

Manhattan Mosque Mania

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I regularly follow the Washington post blog, The Fix, Political News and Analysis by Chris Cillizza. When I returned from vacation, I tried to catch up on the political news and checked out recent posts on The Fix.  Here's one that caught my eye.
After dodging the "award" for more than three months, President Barack Obama is our choice for the "Worst Week in Washington" winner.

Obama's week began with the controversy created by his comments about a Manhattan mosque and Islamic cultural center and ended with national polls showing that his disapproval numbers had sailed to record highs.

And, to cap the week off, Obama jetted off for 10 days of vacation in Martha's Vineyard -- not exactly the vacation destination of choice for the majority of middle class Americans.
Well, isn't that special... Of course, The Fix is not alone in offering veiled criticism of the President for his comments on the Manhattan Mosque and on his vacation to Martha's Vineyard. Along with everyone else, the Fix also gave space to posts about the Obama Muslin Myth, the President's declining poll ratings, and other prevailing stories that cast President Obama in a negative light.  Understand me, I'm not singling the Fix out as an anti-Obama blog.  It's just interesting that whatever Barack Obama does is news, but isn't it interesting that few have anything positive to report about our leader.

It's newsworthy that so many various groups are dissatisfied with Obama.  There's the disillusioned Left, the Jewish community, the intelluctuals at Aspen, the middle class, the Wall Street Bankers, the CEOs, older white voters, etc. etc. I even saw space dedicated to how Joan Rivers and Donald Thrump's daughter have lost faith in the President.  Of course, Blacks are happy.  They only voted for him because of his race. I guess that means they don't read or care about the issues.

The American people are mad about the Economy, the Housing Market, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gitmo, Don't Ask Don't Tell, etc. etc.  Surely, Barack Obama should have turned these situation around by now.  After all,  he's been in the White House eighteen months. How can he drag his feet when Congress and the people are so throughly engaged.  I guess John Stewart of the Daily Show was right when he said no matter what Obama does, it won't be right. 

So I guess I have another change coming when all these disgruntled groups get to go to the polls and vote. Bush and Company are busy rewriting history. Will it be Sarah Palin in the top spot?  Wouldn't that be a blast! We can go back to the old Republican play book of tax cuts for the rich and God knows what else since I haven't heard a single plan addressing any of the problems facing the nation. The wonderful thing about a democracy is that we'll get what we ask for with the power of the vote.  (Ask  Al Gore what happens when all else fails.)

I'll be waiting at the polls when they open on election day, so that I can put my vote to good use.  There's peace in knowing that yes, I can.
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