Sunday, August 1, 2010

President Obama on "The View"

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...Image via WikipediaThe Daily Beast commented on President Obama's Thursday appearance on The View
was the day's most talked about event. How'd he do? "The misogynist blowhards who claimed it was beneath the president of the United States to appear on The View ought to be ashamed of themselves," writes Dana Goldstein, who praises his appearance for "one of the more incisive conversations about race we've heard" since Obama's famous race speech. Tunku Varadarajan disagrees however, saying that the interview was "the apotheosis of the anodyne."

I looked forward to seeing the President on The View.  I thought the cross section of topics gave the American people another look at their leader.  The questions addressed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy, race in America, Shirley Sherrod, and other important issues.  At the same time, Obama was asked if he was invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding, if Sasha and Malia were into boys yet, which songs were on his music list, if he knew Lindsay Lohan was in jail, and if he knew who Snooki was.  All of these questions allowed a look into the man who leads the country.
Before the show was over, the commentary began.  Should the president appear on show like the View?  Was the show dignified enough for the president to make an appearance on?  Wasn't it just like having him appear on the Jerry Springer Show? Why did the president choose to appear on the View vs. attending the Boy Scouts national gathering?  Blah, blah, get the drill.  Funny, it never changes.  John Stewart got it right when he said that there nothing Obama can do will please his critics.  I for one enjoyed the segment and was encouraged to see the natural way the president interacted with the cast and how he responded to the questions.  However, based on past experience, I anticipated the criticism. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.
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  1. Conservatives were outraged at the "Back-To-School" speech he gave to school children last September. So, the criticism from being on The View is expected.

    Fräulein Hasselbeck probably wasn't happy to see him.