Thursday, September 30, 2010

Democratic Enthusiasm Rises

Howdy Doody John BoehnerImage by uvw916a via Flickr
 Democratic strategists are -- quietly -- growing more optimistic about their chances in the fall election, pointing to improving poll numbers in individual House races as well as an uptick in enthusiasm.

When GOP House leaders introduced "A Pledge to America", John Boehner's remarks were telling.  He promised the same old policy positions, just a different day.  Hopefully that woke up the Democratic base.  Repeal healthcare, check on the President's birth certificate, reduce taxes for the rich which results in a $700 billion cost to the country's bottom line, keep Gitmo open and DADT in place...all the issues the 2008 election results called for changing.

Young folks, Latino and African Americans,  progressives and liberals...everyone better get out the vote in November if change from the Bush era policies is what you desire. Staying away from the voters booth in mid-term elections negates all the 2008 efforts to route the GOP.  If nothing else, the prospect of John Boehner as Speaker of the House, number three in the line of sucession to the Presidency, is enough to scare us all to death.

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