Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOP's "A Pledge to America"

Election Day is on the way in about 5 weeks, so House Republicans rolled out their propaganda piece, "A Pledge to America". Some had the nerve to call it a "policy blueprint" suppossedly outlining what to expect if the GOP gains majority control of Congress.

To show you how phony this whole act is, GOP Leaders John Boehner of Ohio, Eric Cantor of Virginia, and Kevin McCarthy took their photo op in a lumber store in shirt sleeves to show their identification "with middle America" and "their intent to get down to work". When I read those statements, I wondered what took them so long and why they hadn't rolled up their shirt sleeves until now. Of course, they "pledged to take our country back". whatever that means.

As expected, I saw little substance, just a bunch of well worn platitudes. The document "pledges" to freeze federal spending at the same time the GOP is supporting continuation of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Also, the plan calls for the repeal of President Obama's health care plan. Nothing new, just the same old same old agenda. The pledge uses the same scare tactics, i.e. vowing to keep Guantanamo Bay open to "prevent the government from importing terrorist onto American soil". I noted that there's no mention of some of the positions supported by GOP Candidates about ending Social Security.

Read the document and let me know if I missed something. In my opinion, it was the same old crap the nation was subjected to under George Bush; it was just a different day.  It should be enough to make folks get out and vote for Democrats.

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