Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jan Brewer Stumbles

Terry Goddard (D) and Jan Brewer (R)

It was commonly agreed that Jan Brewer was unlikely to win the coming race for Governor in Arizona.  She replaced Janet Napolitano who went to Washington as Obama's head of Homeland Security.

When Brewer signed the Az proposed immigration law, she gained national attention and her political fortunes changed.  Her verbal sparing with President Obama and others who spoke against the proposed law made Brewer more popular at home and enhanced her chances for election in the fall.

In a recent debate with Democratic challenger, Arizona's state attorney general Terry Goddard, Brewer suffered two blows to her efforts to retain her seat. The first blow occurred during the debate itself, while she was making her opening statement and was attempting to list her accomplishments. That should have been the easiest part of the debate. But no."It will go down as one of the most painful openings to a political debate in recent memory," noted NPR. However, Peter Grier, the vote blog, Christian Science Monitor, says "debate gaffes aren’t fatal" as he relates other debate gaffes in history.

The second blow came after the debate when she was confronted by reporters asking about her previous claim that decapitated bodies of illegal immigrants had been found in the Arizona desert – although there is no evidence to support Brewer's claim. Goddard had challenged Brewer to recant her statement on the beheadings during the debate. But Brewer enjoys a huge opinion poll lead and her twin meltdowns seem unlikely to make enough of a dent.

After running from the press on several occassions, Brewer finally recanted her statement on the beheadings saying she "misspoke".

I guess gaffes only matter if your name is Barack Hussein Obama.
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