Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Killing of DJ Henry

Please watch the BET show "The Killing of DJ Henry" on 1/23/11 at 11p.m.

DJ was shot and killed by Westchester County, New York police on October 17, 2010 when he and his best friend Brandon Cox were driving away from a restaurant. Danroy Henry (DJ) was a student at Pace University and Brandon a student at Stonehill College and both were from the Town of Easton, Massachusetts. The two boys were best friends and played on opposite football teams. The two schools played a homecoming football came that day and the parents of both boys attended.

That night DJ was driving away from a restaurant in a white section of Westchester County when they were fired upon by police. DJ was killed and Brandon, who was a front seat passenger, was wounded by police fire. The young men were not fleeing felons. They had no guns on their persons or in the car. They had no drugs. They had no prior criminal records. They were two young black men who were leaving a restaurant after being out with friends (college students) at a restaurant.

For most of those from the Boston area this shooting and killing should have special significance. The fact that BET is doing this story signals that it has national importance, especially for the black community. On the legal side, Brandon is represented by Professor Charles Ogletree of Harvard Law School, John Abady of New York City and a long time family friend.

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