Monday, January 17, 2011

Michael Steel Out As RNC Chair

Reince Priebus-RNC Chairman

Wisconsin Republican party chairman Reince Priebus won the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee in the seventh round of voting, replacing his one-time ally Michael Steele. Priebus had served a general counsel to the RNC and promises to be a departure from the headlining antics of Steele.

Priebus has a tough job facing him. Samuel P. Jacobs of the Daily Beast reports the RNC faces a $20 million debt, the biggest hole in its history. The fundraising haul in 2010 was six times smaller than the total accumulated in 2006. According to a recent Washington Post analysis, major fundraisers are leaving in stampedes. The Wisconsin Republican will be entrusted with guiding the party against the Obama re-election machine, which is revving up to run a $1 billion presidential campaign.

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