Saturday, January 29, 2011

SOTU Republican Response: Paul Ryan

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After President Obama presented his State of the Union message, the GOP  response was aired. Just as the president gave a vision of what the future holds under his leadership, Paul Ryan offered the Republican view.

Highlights of Paul Ryan's Response  from FireDogLake's Live Blog include:
....Ryan is concerned about the crushing debate as a “parent.” Claims Obama engaged in a spending spree.

…All this failed spending “was sold as investment” (Republicans seem no interest in getting on board with Obama’s call for investment.)

 ...Claims Republicans will work for a great replacement for health care reform they voted to repeal (Seems like they had two whole years to come up with their alternative.)

…Ryan only says those “in or near retirement” will be protected by Republican entitlement reform.

... Ryan acknowledges that a “social safety net” is part of the job of a limited government.

…Spending cuts must come first.

…If we continue down this path we will end up like Ireland and Greece. which were forced to make big cuts. (Which is the justification apparently for why we must make big cuts.)

…Claims our system has down more to help the poor than any other system on earth. (I would say the poor in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc…. which are much better off than the poor in this country would care to disagree.)

Overall a strongly partisan speech

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