Friday, May 20, 2011

Predictible GOP Behavior

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GOP Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty
President Obama gave a speech on his thoughts on solving the conflict between Palestine and Israel.  This would entail returning to 1967 borders.

Surprise, surprise. GOP presidential hopefuls all condemned the President's suggestion and sided with the Prime Minsiter Benjamin Netanyahur of Israel. Mitt  Romney said the President "disrespected Israel and threw Israel under the bus". Tim Pawlenty (T-Paw) said the President was "mistaken" and made "dangerous demands". Michele Bachmann tweeted that Obama had "betrayed our friend Israel".  Newt Gingrich said "no president had ever suggested a return to 1967 borders".  (Hey Newt.  George W. Bush suggested just that in January, 2008.)

The Christian Science Monitor reported:

That's been the general working idea for the last four US presidencies, including two Republican administrations. Yet not only was Romney striking out at Obama as having undermined Israel's "ability to negotiate peace" but others were reacting with outrage. Mike Huckabee complained of Obama's "betrayal" of Israel.

Huckabee also fell into a camp that apparently misunderstood what Obama said. He complained that Obama "made a grievous mistake by suggesting borders of Israel go back to pre-1967 borders." As did Tim Pawlenty, a fellow Republican presidential aspirant ("Obama's insistence on a return to the 1967 borders is a ... very dangerous demand.") As explained earlier, that's not what Obama said.

It's business as usual. Interesting that these Republicans never fail to oppose Obama.  Let's disagree with anything this President says, does, or thinks.  It's good for fund raising, vote getting, press coverage, etc.  I wonder what solutions they propose.
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