Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Did You Know???

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Voters are poised to vote against Democrats due to their dislike of the stimulus, health-care and TARP.  The prevailing opinion is that Dems are spending far too much and voters look for a change by flipping back to Republicans.

Did you know the Bush/GOP Medicare prescription-drug law will cost more over the next 10 years than the stimulus, health-care law, and TARP combined?... And did you know taxpayers received a $25 billion return on TARP?...Did you know two-thirds of the TARP money has been paid back...

Voters are ignoring the facts and voting from their anger at the current economic situation.  here in Nevada, voters vow to dump Harry Reid and elect extremeist Sharron Angle dispite her position on abolishing Social Security, the Veterans Administration and the Department of Education.

The beauty about a democracy is that voters get what they ask for when they cast their votes (or don't vote). I hope we can live with the results of casting a vote in anger and voting for the same old George Bush agenda that we threw out in 2008.  Sharron Angle, Chistine O'Donnell, Rand Paul, Carl Palladino...God bless us all everyone!

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