Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bristol Palin Slams McCain Family in Memoir

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It took me awhile, but I finally get it-catch the public's eye, write a book, make money. Meghan McCain, now Bristol Palin.

Bristol Palin trashes the McCain clan in her new upcoming memoir, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far."

It's unclear from Marikar's report whether the 20-year-old Palin daughter specifically mentions her mother's running mate, but her book does slam McCain's wife, Cindy, for acting like "royalty" and accuses the senator's 26-year-old daughter, Meghan, of being a snobby whiner.

Palin writes that she had a "sneaking suspicion I might need to watch my back" the first time she met Meghan McCain. She says the senator's daughter "ignored" the family during their first meet-and-greet and always seemed to be judging them.

"Every time we saw Meghan, she seemed to be constantly checking us out, comparing my family to hers and complaining," Bristol Palin writes. "Oh the complaining."

Cindy McCain, Palin writes, looked like a "queen" and conducted "herself like royalty." "I'd never seen people with so much Louis Vuitton luggage, so many cell phones, and so many constant helpers to do hair and makeup," Palin writes.

She says the senator's wife also offered to be the godmother of her then-unborn baby—which irked her. "I had just met her and I wondered why she wanted any type of guardianship over my child," she writes, per ABC.

Bristol Palin's comments are no doubt a response to Meghan McCain's remarks about the Palin family in the aftermath of the 2008 campaign. In McCain's memoir, "Dirty Sexy Politics," she slammed the Palin family for bringing a "tabloid-attention-getting quality to the campaign trail." She's repeatedly trashed Sarah Palin for hurting the GOP and called Bristol Palin "ridiculous" for not voting in last fall's midterm elections.
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