Saturday, June 18, 2011

Romney: "I'm unemployed, too"

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney told a group of unemployed citizens "I'm unemployed,too." That statement spurred a huge backlash, leaving Romney with egg on his face and convincing many people that he just can't relate to the plight of the average American. Here's how Romney decided to bounce back.

The day after presidential candidate Mitt Romney was criticized by the DNC for being "out of touch" when he remarked that he’s unemployed during a meeting with out of work Floridians, his campaign released a new web video, an attempt to turn the spotlight back on the President and what the campaign believes is the current administration’s poor handling of the economy.

The video, titled "20,000,000 Bumps In The Road," is similar to a web video released earlier this week, “Bump in the Road,” but this time uses not only the president’s remarks about the struggling economy but those of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Americans lying in the middle of a dirt road are shown in the video, as text shows of quotes attributed to Carney’s briefings this week appear on the screen reading, “Bump In The Road Is Exactly What The President Said…” and “‘We Are Headed In The Right Direction…”

Then, a calculation by the Romney camp of just how far those unemployed bodies would stretch if they were actually to lie down as bumps on a road: “President Obama’s 20 Million Bumps In The Road Would Stretch From The White House To Los Angeles,” the text reads. “And Back….”

Way to go, Romney.  No talk about plans to improve the economy, just crowd control efforts.

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