Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Not "Boy", It's Mr. President

Who you calling a boy?
If we didn't hear him right the first time, MSNBC political analyst Pat Buchanan said it again. He repeatedly referred to President Barack Obama as a "boy" on national television.
Without so much as a whiff of hesitation, and even after being admonished by none other than Reverend Al Sharpton, Buchanan refused to apologize or even acknowledge his mistake. Instead, he answered Sharpton's instant rebuke with a laugh. In fact, he chuckled. And then he said it again.
Not only is President Obama hours away from his 50th birthday, he is today, and will be tomorrow, president of these United States -- still the most economically and politically powerful democracy in the world. While we do not always agree with his policy positions and even take issue with his politics, he is the president -- our president. Duly elected by voters from sea to shining sea in 2008, he now calls 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home.
But it would not matter if he lived in a tony, gated suburb, in a card box under a bridge or off of MLK Drive. He still is a man. A grown man.

Source: The Grio (be sure to read the entire TheGrio blog linked below)
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