Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teens Beat and Kill Black Man-Caught on Tape

Seven teenagers got into Deryl Dedmon's green Ford 250 truck and a white SUV Cherokee and drove 16 miles to the western edge of Jackson, MS, which is a largely black area, just before dawn on a Sunday morning. As they left Interstate 20 they spotted James Anderson in a parking lot beside the exit ramp.

Caught on video, the camera recorded the moment a group of teenage thugs ran over and killed a terrified black car worker after savagely beating him while on a mission to find and hurt a black person, according to prosecutors.

Eighteen-year-old Dedmon of Brandon, Mississippi, is accused of charging at 49-year-old James Anderson in a pickup truck before boasting, 'I ran that n****r over'.

CCTV footage shows the teens driving into a parking lot and beating Mr Anderson while repeatedly yelling racist phrases including, 'white power', according to witnesses.

In the clip, Mr Anderson is shown staggering towards the headlights of the truck after being beaten, before the vehicle surges ahead, running him over and killing him instantly.

The group of teens, led by Dedmon, had been partying and drinking in a middle-class neighbourhood in the predominantly white Rankin County on June 26, when Dedmon told friends they should leave, saying 'let's go f**k with some n*****s', according to police.

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