Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Most Hated Congress Ever

Fourteen per cent (14%). That’s the approval rating for Congress in the latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation national poll. It’s the lowest approval rating ever for Congress in a CNN poll and one of only three times that approval has dipped below 20 percent.

The “people hate Congress” story isn’t new — in fact it feels like it’s always been with us — but the depth of the unpopularity has taken on a different cast.  There has rarely — if ever — been a time in modern political memory where a “throw the bums out” attitude impacted both parties equally".

“Throw out the old play book,” said Tom Davis, a former Virginia House member and two-time chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.
Davis added that the “political establishment has delivered two failed wars, Katrina, an economic meltdown and stagnant wages,” and that “unless the economy improves the political system will go through shock therapy.”

Martin Frost, a former Texas Member and past chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, agreed with Davis saying it could lead to unprecedented results at the ballot box next November.

“This the first time in my political lifetime that significant numbers of incumbents in both parties could lose,” said Frost. “The GOP could win the Senate and lose the House.”
That's a frightening thought!
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