Saturday, August 13, 2011

Obama's "Hip Hop Bar B Que

Ebony Mom Politics Blog asked some good questions:
Why is the President’s birthday party is not simply a birthday party? Why did Fox News have take the photos of three of the black male guests and label it a hip hop party. When I write about what Fox News does some comment let it go that’s what they do others say oh you are too sensitive. Well, I am not going to let it go and I am not too sensitive. It was a party not a hip hop party, but a birthday party for the President. No his party did not create jobs, but he turned 50 and he was entitled to a celebration.

Here's another set of good questions from Ebony Mom Politics Blog:

What Should the President Be Doing?

Everybody has an opinion on what President Obama should be doing or in some cases not doing. He should not have celebrated his 50th birthday last week. He should not do any fundraisers until the economy stablizes. He should never again say he inherited this mess. He should meet with business leaders, and he should call Congress back from vacation. He should say the word poor. I have listed just a few of the things the pundits and the president’s critics suggest. My question to you is what do you think he should be doing? 

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