Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rick Perry Joins Presidential Race

As expected, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has jumped into the 2012 Republican race for president. He told South Carolina voters in a conference call Saturday that he wants to win his party's nomination and take on President Barack Obama.

Word of his entry into the race came about an hour before a planned speech in Charleston, South Carolina, where he was kicking off his campaign.

During the call with supporters, Perry criticized Obama on foreign policy and said he would do a better creating jobs. Perry said he would go to Washington to do his duty and not make friends.

Perry said that "I full well believe I'm going to win."

Personally, I'm not at all excited about the prospect of a guy who talks about his state seceeding from the union running for President. He joins a list of other potential candidates who also scare the daylights out of me with their extreme right wing policy positions and lack of understanding of the issues.  What ever they say about Barack Obama, I'll take my chances with him at the helm of our government.
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