Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CNN Nevada GOP Debate

Yesterday CNN presented yet another GOP Debate of the Republican Presidential Candidates in Las Vegas. Most commentators say Mitt Romney, once again, came out on top. Herman Cain quickly found himself being pummeled even as his rivals preceded their punches with words of praise, and his “read my plan” defense was strikingly weak. But after those opening moments, writes The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz, it was Mitt Romney who took over the event with a series of toe-to-toe exchanges in which he stood his ground and refused to be talked over.

After listening to the verbal battle, I still didn't find a plan of action to help the middle class or to improve the economy.  I heard negative remarks about the current administration, but no clear path for change.  I heard the standard GOP cries against "big" government, regulation, and spending, but no clear plan as to how each candidate would govern. I heard no realistic approach to Immigration issues.  I heard commitment to repealing "Obamacare", but no plan for what would replace it or how each candidate would approach the health care issues.

Every time I listen to Republicans reply (or not) when asked about major issues that face America, I understand why they could never get my vote.

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