Saturday, October 29, 2011

Has President Obama Lost His Youngest Supporters?

President Obama's American Jobs Act

In 2008, young voters, college students, and first time voters came to the polls in record numbers to cast their vote for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. But, somehow those voters have lost their enthusiasm about politics in general and the current President in particular.  The question is "will they support Barack Obama's reelection"?  Better yet, "will these disenchanted first time voters even return to the polls in the next election"?

How and why did the "love affair" fizzle?   The public voted for "change" Washington politics, in how the White House handled Wall Street, and in economic equality.  Congress turned into a political kindergarten and the nation's political process halted to a standstill.  The rich got richer and the middle class experienced steady decline. The depressed economy got worse, unemployment rose, and people felt worse off than ever.  The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continued and the general mood of the country took a downward spiral.

The President failed to reach the impossibly high expectations of his supporters. Saddled with a do nothing Congress who outspokenly made his political defeat their first and highest priority, he faced opposition at every turn.  His attempts to achieve bi-partisan decisions and actions were met with a solid No to whatever he proposed. His political appointments slow walked through Congress, every proposal met with a filibuster, demands for untimely deficit reduction abounded, and anything that might contribute to improvements in the country's condition were side tracked.

Unfortunately, the G.O.P. cares more about making Obama a "one-term president" than they care about economy or the American people.

The President is traveling throughout the country, listening to the American People and explaining his efforts to improve the country.  The public is listening and polls show that his proposals like the American Jobs Act have their support.  When Republicans tank his efforts, he's is calling them out. Congressional approval ratings are in the single digits, i.e. 9 per cent".  As John McCain says that number is just about "family and staffers".

The field of Republican Candidates tend to make former Obama supporters lean toward voting for him again. But, it's up to the campaign staffers to get out the vote in adequate numbers to  defeat the Republican faithful.

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