Friday, October 28, 2011

Radical Pastor Eyes White House Run

Radical pastor Terry Jones got his first fifteen minutes of fame when he called for a "burn-a-Koran" day on the nineth anniversary of 9/11. When he withdrew his original plans only to set fire to the Muslim's holy book in March, riots occured around the world, as well as other violence and deaths. Not bad for an unknown pastor of a flock of 100.

Now Pastor Jones is running for President under his " Stand Up For America Now " platform.  His conservative 7 point agenda includes deporting "all illegals", reducing military spending, balancing the budget and cutting corporate taxes. Jones authored a hate-mongering book, with the provocative title of “Islam is of the Devil”. He hopes to gain funding for his campaign from like-minded individuals, asking them to “financially support us as we continue our stand against radical Islam”.

Katerina Azarova, notes the following:
And for all his radical, controversial statements, his platform is not all that different from what the Republicans are running with. Whether that will eventually benefit the pastor and his burning passion, or the GOP, remains to be seen.
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