Sunday, October 23, 2011

GOP Says "NO" to Obama's Jobs Bill

Have you ever wondered why there's so much confusion about the politics of creating jobs and reducing federal spending?

President Obama is asking Congress to pass his American Jobs Act, but the GOP has been successful in using political manuvering to stop him cold. It looks like the Party of "NO" strikes again, stalling the economic recovery and frustrating 14 million unemployed Americans without possing any meaningful alternative.

Take a minute to answer the following questions with a single True or False. Then see where the American public lines up on these issues. You may find it interesting to see what your beliefs are as they relate to "creating jobs" and federal spending.

  1. Americans prioritize "creating jobs" over cutting federal spending.
  2. Almost everyone agrees that federal spending should be cut.
  3. The majority of the American people do not believe that federal spending creates jobs.
  4. Americans believe cutting federal spending is more important then "creating jobs".
  5. Voters judge cutting federal spending is the single most effective step government can take to "create jobs".
  6. Most Americans believe that the GOP focus on spending cuts at the expense of job creation is exactly the kind of "stimulus" the country needs.
  7. Voters oppose cutting Medicare and federal education programs as proposed by the Republicans.
  8. Large numbers of Americans favor cuts to "foreign aid", "welfare" (not "aid to the poor") and some defense spending.
  9. Most Americans say that "only private business creates "real jobs".
  10. Most Americans see the better way for the government to create jobs is to cut spending and reduce the deficit.
Believe it or not, every question should be answered "True". Remember, however, that poll responses do not necessarily address the validity of a statement, but rather corresponds to what the respondent thinks or believes to be true. Responses address the particular question without the respondent considering his/her answers to other questions in the same poll.

Republicans and Democrats will forever differ on issues of job creation, federal spending, government regulation, climate change, environmental protection, taxes, and many others. That's why we have the ballot box and scheduled elections.  I guess the economy will be stalled until we find out if The Republicans are successful in making Barack Obama a one-term president.

God Bless America.

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