Thursday, July 1, 2010

White House Budget Director Calls it Quits

A Washintgon source revealed the upcoming resignation of Peter Orszag, Director, White House Office of Management and Budget.

Federal Insider, Washington Post recaps Orszag time at the White House as follows:

As head of the Office of Management and Budget, Orszag has been one of Obama's top lieutenants on two of the president's signature legislative efforts: the stimulus bill, passed early in the administration, and the health care overhaul passed this year.
He also generated some headlines of his own, with the news that he had fathered a child with ex-girlfriend Claire Milonas, a Greek shipping heiress, and that he had become engaged to ABC News reporter Bianna Golodryga. Their wedding is planned for September.

If this information is correct, Orszag will be the first member of the Obama cabinet to leave office.

Source: Federal Insider, The Washington Post

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