Wednesday, February 16, 2011

President Obama Releases 2012 Budget

President Obama released his 2012 budget proposal this week, setting off a flurry of diverse opinions, as well as dire predictions and veiled threats from Republicans. While everyone agrees that cuts must be made, unfortunately, there is little agreement as to where cuts would be most effective.

Democrats say President Obama's budget achieved something very difficult right now - balance. It freezes and cuts spending, but continues to support and invest in what minority leader Nancy Pelosi called our national priorities.

Representative NANCY PELOSI (Democrat, California): It'll create jobs through investing in innovation, education, and building America an infrastructure. So it's about long-term stability for our economy.

Representative JOHN BOEHNER (Republican, Ohio; Speaker of the House): The president wants to freeze domestic discretionary spending at existing levels. This is after all of the money that's been spent over the last two years. Locking in that level of spending is way too much.

The fight is on.  We'll all wait to see if Republicans and Democrats can come together to agree on something they can all live with.

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