Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidential Tidbits

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Man, I'm tired, but I have to share some Presidential tidbits I learned today while trying to research data for an article on the Presidents.  At least what I have to tell you is very brief and strictly just sa passing interest.

Here's the information:

l. My husband, 2 of my children and a grandchild share birthdays with a President of the U.S.
   Henry-July 6-George W. Bush (#43)
   Kimberly-November 23-Franklin Pierce (#14)
   Kreighton-October 4-Rutherford B. Hayes
   Jarrard-April 3- Thomas Jefferson (#3)

2. Barack Obama is the 17th cousin of Charles, Prince of Wales.

3. Jimmy Carter is a distant cousin of Berry Gordy Jr.

4. Franklin Pierce is a distant cousin of former first lady Barbara Bush,

5. John Quincy Adams sucessfully defended Amistad before the Supreme Court.
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