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President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon

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I just watched "President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon", a MSNBC Hardball Documentary with Chris Matthews. I found the program quite interesting and informative as it covered the former president's activities since he left office.Some of the early projects highlighted included Clinton's participation in the Aids Initiative with Nelson Mandela, Tsunami Relief for South East Asia representing America with  George H. W. Bush, his Rwanda Initiatives and the funding, building and dedication of the William J. Clinton Library in Little Rock, AR.

You could see Clinton's rock star status as he moved from country to country, in the USA and around the world. (I could see it was okay to be a rock star as long as your name wasn't Barack Obama.) The program touched on the former president taking advantage of the Clinton Brand under the umbrella of The Clinton Global Initiative.  I heard the moderator say that membership was liimited to CEOs and the cost was $20,000 to join.  (Guess that let me out.) The goal of the attendees is to empower people to improve their own lives. Examples included efforts to ensure technology reaches the poor, environmental project with Phillipe Cousteau, clean water for Tanzania and homes for New Orleans displaced residents.

Assuming the role of global statesman, Clinton accepted a delicate international mission to China to gain the release of two female American journalist. In 2010, along with George W. Bush, he represented the USA for Relief for Haiti after an earthquake devastated the country, leaving 230,000 dead and a million homeless.He brokered the Good Friday Accords to bring peace to Northern Ireland and later assisted efforts for their economic recovery. The presidential campaign of 2008 and the political midterms that followed it in 2010 were also addressed. On a personal basis, the program took a look at Clinton's support of wife Hilliary and his relationship with and support of the current president.

Bill Clinton can be proud of his accomplishments.  His efforts reminded me of President Obama's "We Do Big Things", his vision of the country's future. But, it's hard to do big things when encumbered by myopic folks with personal agendas who think only of lining their pockets as much as they can. But, I digress.  Clinton is a super star who makes a substantial contribution to society.  More power to him and we need more like him in that regard.

Everyone didn't like the documentary, as you'll see in some of the related articles.

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